Tuesday, May 24, 2011

U.S. Women's Open Sectional Qualifying: 23 May 2011

OK, results are in for U.S. Women's Open sectional qualifying on May 16th, May 17th, May 22nd, and now May 23rd! Well, at least some of them from yesterday have already been posted online (but not yet by the USGA [Update OK, now they're up!]):

Deerwood (FL). Qualifiers: Mi Hyun Kim (134), Aree Song (139), Silvia Cavalleri (142), Lindy Duncan [a] (142), Christine Wolf [a] (142), Nicole Hage (143), Paola Moreno (143). Alternates: Paige Mackenzie (143--lost in playoff with Hage and Moreno), Mitsuki Katahira [a] (144). Notables Who Did Not Qualify: Michelle Shin.

Fiddler's Elbow (NJ). Qualifiers: Hee Kyung Seo (141), Belen Mozo (143), Jin Young Pak (143). Alternates: Jennifer Song (145), Grace Park (146--beat Mindy Kim in playoff). Notables Who Did Not Qualify: Mindy Kim, Jenny Shin, Nicole Castrale, Ilhee Lee, Stephanie Louden, Allison Hanna, Nannette Hill, Sarah Brown.

Lake Merced (CA). Qualifiers: Ryann O'Toole (149), Mina Harigae (150), Sofie Andersson (151), Shinobu Moromizato (151). Alternates: Joanne Lee [a] (151--lost in playoff), Jane Rah (152). Notables Who Did Not Qualify: Mhairi McKay, Dorothy Delasin, Jennie Lee, Lisa Ferrero, Kristina Wong.

Medina (MN): Amy Anderson [a] (141), Kelly Shon [a] (142). Alternates: Kirby Dreher (147), Kim Kaufman [a] (148). Notables Who Did Not Qualify: none.

Royal Oaks (WA). Qualifiers: Jessi Gebhardt (152), Christina Proteau [a] (152), Sue Kim (154--beat Taylor Kim and Kendall Prince in a playoff). Alternates: Taylor Kim [a] (154), Kendall Prince [a] (154). Notables Who Did Not Qualify: Adrienne White, Kendall Dye.

Westmoreland (IL). Qualifiers: Junthima Gulyanamitta [a] (147), Brittany Johnston (147), Ashley Prange (147), Karin Sjodin (147). Alternates: Emma Talley [a] (148), Amy Meier [a] (148). Notables Who Did Not Qualify: Nicole Jeray, Katie Kempter, Gerina Piller, Libby Smith, Alison Whitaker, Leah Wigger, Laura Bavaird, Ashli Bunch, Maude-Aimee Leblanc.

Woodmont (MD). Qualifiers: Leta Lindley (144), Julieta Granada (145), Cindy LaCrosse (145), Young-A Yang (145), Chella Choi (146), Saehee Son (146), Danah Bordner (148), Joanna Coe [a] (149). Alternates: Moira Dunn (151), Kimberly Williams (152). Notables Who Did Not Qualify: Louise Friberg, Kris Tamulis.

[Update 1 (12:53 am): On twitter, Lexi Thompson congratulated Nicole Hage and Cindy LaCrosse for qualifying. Wonder where?]

[Update 2 (12:59 am): Just added Julieta Granada to the MD qualifier list--found out on twitter, of course!]

[Update 3 (1:02 am): Here's Hage's tweet. She shot 143.]

[Update 4 (1:10 am): Just linked to Louise Friberg's blog post that she didn't make it in Maryland.]

[Update 5 (8:22 am): More details from the Rockville, MD, qualifier coming in slowly! I see now that Joanna Coe made it!]

[Update 6 (2:18 pm): OK, the USGA page is updated. Mine should match it now!]

[Update 7 (7:59 pm): Brent Kelley has a great overview of all the qualifiers and alternates to date, with links to full field results when possible.]

[Update 8 (5/25/11, 7:50 am): Some fantastic on-course reports from Fiddler's Elbow by Seoul Sisters regulars PhilK_NJ and IceCat!]


Anonymous said...

I don't see Kimberly Kim on the Lake Merced results page.

The Constructivist said...

You're right--she was on the original field list and I missed that she wasn't on the results page. Consider her erased!