Friday, June 24, 2011

Wegmans LPGA Championship Friday Morning: Pat Hurst, Minea Blomqvist, Cindy LaCrosse, Reilley Rankin Making Unlikely Moves

I've been scrambling all morning to get ready for the return of the Full Metal Archivist from Japan--in fact, onechan, imoto, and I are heading out to pick her up in Toronto in about an hour--but as I sit here watching the Golf Channel coverage of the Wegmans LPGA Championship, I just had to underscore how significant it is that Pat Hurst, Minea Blomqvist, Cindy LaCrosse, and Reilley Rankin put up good numbers in the morning groups. Sure, you'd expect someone playing well like Shanshan Feng to go low--she's -6 today with 2 good birdie chances on 8 and 9 if all goes well--as well as Anna Nordqvist, who birdied 5 holes in a row on the front and ended up with a 30 and is still -3 on her round after back-to-back bogeys on 13 and 14. But for a struggling veteran like Hurst, a couple of journeyman-type players like Blomqvist and Rankin, and a "New Blood" generation member to be putting themselves in contention by firing rounds in the 60s today shows the leaders in the afternoon groups what kind of scores are out there. For further confirmation, check out what Karrie Webb, Mi Hyun Kim, Na Yeon Choi, and Katie Futcher are doing. Sorry I can't go into more detail, but got to get ready to go!

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