Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back in Pittsford

Getting myself reacquainted with Locust Hill this afternoon.  Looks like they built a new tee on 16, extending the par 4 15 yards to 356 yards.  With slight lengthening of already long par 4s 3 and 18, and a fairly wet last week in Western NY, looks like the course will be playing pretty long early in the week.

Heard from a member of the Japanese media that Mika Miyazato is out on the back and Ai is on the front, so looks like I'll be heading off to that new tee on 16 to catch up with Mika first.  Since today's a practice round, and I didn't see any of the players I'm looking for on the driving range or putting green, the course is my best first bet.  Back soon!

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