Tuesday, April 3, 2007

In Which We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled TV Humor Inventory for a Pop Quiz

My stomach has been killing me today and most of yesterday because:

a) I have the norovirus;
b) my WAAGNFNP premiere is today (my time);
c) I invoked Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan in vain over at Is there no sin in it? (aka shirokuma-no basho);
d) I am wracked with liberal guilt;
e) I must bring myself to watch one of the Great (Blogging) Scotts do a Baudrillardean vloggy take-down of Ann Althouse's vlogging;
f) something else;
g) all of the above.

Whatever you do, don't believe Them when They tell you that trying to find fun or humor in being doubled over a keyboard can be fun and funny.

[Update 4/7/06: The answer, for those who were wondering, was f)--my stomach, either being psychic or a time traveller, was in pain from laughing at Berube's Vlogtopia post at the WAAGNFNP's sworn enemies, teh CT.]


Anonymous said...

norovirus antidote:
Chinese Herbal medicine formula: Culing wan (or spelled Curing)...

followed by Gan Mao Ling wan for three days.

perhaps read some Buson haikus???

Get well, and keep warm (as Charlie Chaplin always said)

Oaktown Girl said...

My brother had that nororvirus 2 months ago. When he was finally able to get out of bed and attempt to stand up after 3 days, he tried to put on his pants and they just fell down around his ankles from all the weight he lost. And this after only 3 days, mind you (losing it constantly out of both ends).

Aren't you glad I shared?

Oh, and get well soon!

The Constructivist said...

yeesh, sounds more like the mordorvirus. and yes, it hurts too much to sleep.

that one was actually an in-joke for old-school CitizenSE readers (I'll let you google that one!).

thanks for the good wishes and the company!