Friday, December 6, 2013

LPGA Q-School Day 3: Jaye Marie Green and Mi Rim Lee Set Records

Jaye Marie Green fired a bogey-free 66 on the Jones course at LPGA International to set a 3-day scoring record at LPGA Q-School, -20 through 54 holes.  Meanwhile, the KLPGA's Mi Rim Lee broke Green's course record with an 11-under-par 61 to take solo possession of 2nd place, 7 shots behind Green.  Rounding out the top 5 are Tiffany Joh (-10), Amy Anderson (-9), and Seon Hwa Lee and Kathleen Ekey (-8).

Overall, there were 17 rounds in the 60s today, the most impressive of the rest of them coming from the tougher Hills course, as Silvia Cavalleri's and Dani Holmqvist's 68s moved them from T33 to T9 and T82 to T28, respectively, while Kim Kaufman's, Jenny Suh's, Kristie Smith's and Erika Rivard's 69s leapfrogged them from T53 to T22, T67 to T28, T92 to T46, and T110 to T58, respectively.

The key numbers for the majority of the field, however, are +3 (a score achieved by 76 players and the potential cut line after tomorrow's 4th round), E (a score achieved by 45 players and the potential cut-off between having an LPGA card in 2014 and not having one), and -3 (a score achieved by 21 players and the potential cut-off between getting an LPGA card that guarantees you a full schedule and one that only gets your foot in the door to a limited number of events).

So who needs a fantastic round tomorrow to give themselves a shot at LPGA membership on Sunday?  Among others, Junthima Gulyanamitta (+17), Eunjung Yi (+16), Nannette Hill (+15), Carlie Yadloczky and Kelly Shon (+14) will need to flirt with 59 on moving day to even have a hope of making the 72-hole cut (top 70 and ties). Lauren Doughtie (+13), Isabelle Boineau and Inhong Lim (+12), Esther Choe and Jane Rah (+11), and Jennie Lee and Kendall Dye (+10) will just need to flirt with the tournament record or get into the low 60s.  Jean Reynolds and Jamie Hullett (+9), Meaghan Francella and Jessica Shepley (+8), Cheyenne Woods and Tzu-Chi Lin (+7) can even entertain a round in the mid-60s and have a hope, while Cathryn Bristow and Mallory Blackwelder (+6), Kim Welch and Veronica Felibert (+5), and Jennifer Song and Katy Harris (+4) will have a shot if they can break 70.  The point for all these players isn't just to get below +3 but to get as close to E as possible, if not into red digits.

How about those trying to stay on the right side of the cut line and put themselves in a strong position to compete for the top 20 on Sunday?  Here are some of the bigger names:

  • +3: Yueer Cindy Feng, Hannah Yun, Ginger Howard, Emma de Groot, Brittany Altomare, Stephanie Sherlock, Daniella Iacobelli
  • +2: Lorie Kane, Natalie Sheary, Min Seo Kwak, Caroline Westrup
  • +1: Maude-Aimee Leblanc, Kristie Smith, Louise Friberg, Rebecca Artis, Marta Silva, Karlin Beck, Megan McChrystal, Babe Liu
  • E: Lee-Anne Pace, Lindy Duncan, Joanna Klatten, Alejandra Llaneza, Michelle Shin
  • -1: Birdie Kim, Jenny Suh, Mitsuki Katahira, Anya Alvarez, Pinrath Loomboonruang, Dani Holmqvist
  • -2: Maria Hernandez, Maiya Tanaka, Kim Kaufman
But of course tomorrow's round matters just as much to the less-well-known players in the field.  We'll see who's able to take advantage of the Jones course and take it to the Hills course in less than 24 hours.  Here are the moving day pairings--good luck to all!

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