Thursday, December 12, 2013

New T-Joh Joint: "What's Up with Lexi?"

The LPGA's rookie class of 2014 can't catch any breaks.  The very same day I finally get their membership right I find out Tiffany Joh has released a new video.  I present "What's Up with Lexi?"

'14ers, the ball is in your court. Or rather, you have the honors now....

[Update 1 (9:46 pm):  Ugh, I was trying to figure out what T-Joh was parodying and having no luck, but 9-going-on-10 onechan knew right away.  Of course, she sent me to a different parody of "What Does the Fox Say" rather than the original, which is when I figured out that I am super-old.]

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Dave Andrews said...

She surfs to prepare for a big tournament. She writes, produces, and performs very clever music videos... not your typical LPGA payer. They broke the mold with her... Funny stuff.