Sunday, December 8, 2013

LPGA Q-School Day 5: Jaye Marie Green Finishes at -29, Mi Rim Lee at -19--Who Else Made the LPGA in 2014?

Jaye Marie Green inscribed her name in LPGA record books this week at Q-School.  She finished at -29 over 90 holes and broke 70 all 5 rounds, shooting a 68 today despite ending her bogey-free run at 59 holes and making twice as many bogeys (2) as she had made in the previous 72 holes.  Brilliant play by 3-time KLPGA champion Mi Rim Lee, who broke Green's tournament record of 62 with a 61 in the 3rd round and followed it up with a pair of 69s over the weekend to finish at -19, denied Green the chance to break Ai Miyazato's 12-stroke margin of victory in 2005 Q-School.

Still, Green was almost twice as many under par as the next-closest finisher, Tiffany Joh, whose -15 total would have been good enough to medal at every Q-School since Stacy Lewis finished at -18 in 2008.  All in all, 8 players finished double digits under par, while the key cut line--the playoff for the 20th spot--came at -6.  You needed to shoot E to get some kind of LPGA status, although in reality the odds of avoiding 2014 Q-School for those who finished 21st through 45th are quite slim.

Here are the finishers by LPGA rookie class who will be tour members in 2014, along with others who didn't finish in the top 100 on the 2013 money list but will still be joining them.  As you can see, the Class of 2014 turned out to be much bigger than I expected, although how many of them will be on the LPGA in 2015 remains a very open question.

Class of 2014 (28)
Lydia Ko, Canadian Women's Open champion
Giulia Molinaro, 2nd, 2013 Symetra Tour money list
Jaye Marie Green, -29, 1st, 2013 LPGA Q-School [Category 12]
Mi Rim Lee, -19, 2nd
Amy Anderson, -14, 4th
Jennifer Kirby, -12, 5th
Megan Grehan, -10, T7
Xiyu Lin, -8, T9
Line Vedel, -8, T9
Erica Popson, -8, T9
Kelly Tan, -7, T13
Paula Reto, -7, T13
Megan McChrystal, -6, T19 [Category 17]
Yueer Cindy Feng, -4, T23
Kim Kaufman, -4, T23
Joanna Klatten, -3, T29
Anya Alvarez, -3, T29
Caroline Westrup, -2, T32
Emma Jandel, -2, T32
Dottie Ardina, -2, T32
Lindy Duncan, -1, T38
Natalie Sheary, -1, T38
Stacey Keating, -1, T38
Jackie Stoelting, -1, T38
Kristie Smith, -1, T38
Brittany Altomare, E, T44
Marta Silva, E, T44
Dani Holmqvist, E, T44

Class of 2013 (8)
Marina Alex, 3rd, 2013 Symetra Tour money list
Sue Kim, 6th, 2013 Symetra Tour money list
Perrine Delacour, 8th, 2013 Symetra Tour money list
Victoria Elizabeth, -7, T13
Paz Echeverria, -7, T13
Alejandra Llaneza, -4, T23
Haley Millsap, -4, T23
Brianna Do, -2, T32

Class of 2012 (6)
P.K. Kongkraphan, 1st, 2013 Symetra Tour money list
Cydney Clanton, 5th, 2013 Symetra Tour money list
Kathleen Ekey, -10, T7
Maude-Aimee Leblanc, -2, T32
Victoria Tanco, -2, T32
Katy Harris, E, T44

Class of 2011 (4)
Jaclyn Sweeney, 10th, 2013 Symetra Tour money list
Tiffany Joh, -15, 3rd
Harukyo Nomura, -6, T19 (came in 2nd in 4-player playoff for last 2 Category 12 spots)
Jenny Suh, -6, T19 [Category 17]

Class of 2010 (2)
Christine Song, 4th, 2013 Symetra Tour money list
Maria Hernandez, -8, T9

Class of 2008 (3)
Hannah Jun, 7th, 2013 Symetra Tour money list
Ashleigh Simon, -6, T19 (came in 1st in 4-player playoff for last 2 Category 12 spots)
Louise Friberg, -1, T38

Class of 2007 (2)
Lisa Ferrero, -7, T13
Lee-Anne Pace, -3, T29

Class of 2006 (1)
Seon Hwa Lee, -11, 6th

Class of 2005 (1)
Alena Sharp, 9th, 2013 Symetra Tour money list

Class of 2004 (2)
Birdie Kim, -4, T23
Reilley Rankin, -4, T23

Class of 1999 (1)
Silvia Cavalleri, -7, T13

Class of 1996 (1)
Lorie Kane, E, T44

[Update 1 (4:44 pm):  Nice overview of the week by Brent Kelley!]

[Update 2 (5:07 pm):  Lee-Anne Pace finished 2nd on this year's LET Order of Merit and Xiyu Lin 42nd.  Guess who got better status on the LPGA in 2014?  On the field list for the LET's final stage of Q-School:  Megan Grehan, Maria Hernandez, Dani Holmqvist, and Marta Silva, along with others who tried for but didn't get LPGA status for 2014--plus, Jacqueline Hedwall!  Wonder if Grehan will drop out....]

[Update 3 (5:15 pm):  Here are the final results!]

[Update 4 (9:41 pm):  Here are the news and notes!  Happy birthday to T-Joh!]


Tony Jesselli (Tonyj5) said...

Nice, timely job Bruce. You saved me lots of research.

Anonymous said...

Lee-Anne Pace had conditional status in 2007

The Constructivist said...

Thanks, y'all. Anon, what's your source on Lee-Anne Pace's membership in 2007? I can't verify what it says on wikipedia and I never kept any stats on her for the LPGA....

sag said...

Here's a link to q-school results for 2006 that show Lee-Anne Pace:

And here's a link that shows her result at the Corona Championship in 2007:

The Constructivist said...

Weird that she doesn't show up on the money list for 2007, isn't it? Or the career money list? I'm wondering if she requested that the LPGA "wipe" those records or whether she gave up her membership during the year?

Let me check with the LPGA!