Sunday, July 27, 2014

Century 21 Ladies Sunday: Bo-Mee Lee in da House!!

Bo-Mee Lee secured her 7th career JLPGA victory today at the Century 21 Ladies, but luck had nothing to do with it.  She flat-out outplayed her playing partners--the #1 and #3 golfers on tour, Sun-Ju Ahn and Misuzu Narita--by getting to -12 for the week with 7 holes to play and forcing the field to chase her down.  Narita had put herself in the hole early with an opening triple and back-to-back bogeys late on the back, but Ahn was -2 through her 1st 4 holes and -10 overall.  However, she then went cold, making 1 bogey and 13 pars the rest of the way.  Narita, meanwhile, ended the week at -5, tied with the player she beat in last week's playoff, Kotono Kozuma.

The players who did take runs at Lee were too far back at the start of the day to be much of a threat to her.  Keiko Sasaki posted an early 69 to finish at -9, but 2 consecutive opening bogeys and a closing one kept her well behind Lee.  Asako Fujimoto was -10 and bogey-free with 3 holes to play, but finished par-bogey-par.  Natsuka Hori made 6 birdies in her last 10 holes, but it was too little, too late as she finished at -8.  Hikari Fujita posted a bogey-free 67 and Momoko Ueda made an eagle during her bogey-free 68, but they both finished in a big group at -7.

In the end, Lee made 6 pars and a bogey down the home stretch to cruise to a 2-shot victory.  It wasn't enough to move her from #2 to #1 on the JLPGA money list, but she's now within real striking range!

1. Sun-Ju Ahn ¥85.73M
2. Bo-Mee Lee ¥78.48M
3. Misuzu Narita ¥66.80M
4. Miki Sakai ¥56.30M
5. Erina Hara ¥40.04M
6. Ji-Yai Shin ¥39.33M
7. Onnarin Sattayabanphot ¥37.84M
8. Ayaka Watanabe ¥37.61M
9. Esther Lee ¥34.99M
10. Teresa Lu ¥34.45M
11. Mi-Jeong Jeon ¥32.17M
12. Yuki Ichinose ¥31.61M
13. Rikako Morita ¥30.23M
14. Ritsuko Ryu ¥28.55M
15. Ji-Hee Lee ¥27.65M
16. Lala Anai ¥26.73M
17. Phoebe Yao ¥26.57M
18. Na-Ri Lee ¥24.84M
19. Hikari Fujita ¥24.28M
20. Mayu Hattori ¥23.30M
21. Shiho Oyama ¥22.23M
22. Sakura Yokomine ¥20.58M
23. Kaori Ohe ¥20.48M
24. Shanshan Feng ¥20.04M
25. Yeon-Ju Jung ¥20.02M
26. Yukari Baba ¥19.85M
27. Asako Fujimoto ¥19.27M
28. Mami Fukuda ¥18.59M
29. Junko Omote ¥18.29M
30. Momoko Ueda ¥18.18M
31. Mamiko Higa ¥17.80M
32. Saiki Fujita ¥17.63M
33. Rumi Yoshiba ¥17.44M
34. Megumi Kido ¥16.80M
35. Akane Iijima ¥16.52M
36. Soo-Yun Kang ¥16.01M
37. Natsuka Hori ¥15.63M
38. Kotono Kozuma ¥15.62M
39. Yumiko Yoshida ¥15.18M
40. Na-Ri Kim ¥14.29M

Next up on the JLPGA is the Meiji Cup, which Da-Ye Na won last year.  Amazingly, both Sakura Yokomine and Mamiko Higa are on the field list!  Wonder if they'll take a week off if they can help Team Japan win the International Crown today!  Maybe not:  Teresa Lu and Onnarin Sattayabanphot are also in the field....

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