Thursday, January 25, 2007

First Post Ever - Tech Blegging!

Hey Everybody! I don't know if I'm using the term "blegging"
appropriately, but since TC used it, I guess I will too.

If you are seeing this, perhaps I did not break the blog, so
that’s good. Adrian has generously taken the time to send me
intel on WordPress and his experience with it. I will post it
later (unless he can do it before me) so this post won’t be too

In the meantime, I’d like to ask our Party members with tech
knowledge to please review and advise on the following: Habari.

Habari, the latest must have, red hot blogging software

If you have been asleep for a week or even if you have been sickened by the Texan style hang ‘em high execution protocols in Iraq and stopped blogging for a bit - then you may have missed the Habari Hoopla.

A whole bunch of programmers, designers, and other cool dudes many of whom have migrated from WordPress have set about writing a whole new blogging app, one fit for the new millenium. They are starting in a forward leaning fashion building from the ground up with all the latest gizmos and options right from the get go.

The guys are scheduled to launch a download by January 31 but for folk so inclined the svn is up and running. As a starter you can head over to Google and find out How to get started in Habari - Downloads and Install .

I came across this person by clicking around and trying to
investigate Chris Clarke’s technical people. The link above
is a WordPress blog and many of the entries are blog-tech info,
so I'd really appreciate you checking out those and telling us what you think.
This person’s experimental Habari page is here.

Thanks in advance for any information or opinions you have on this
Habari thing.


Oaktown Girl said...

Okay, I need help. Question: what font do I need to use to match you guys', and what do I need to do so that when I'm composing, the text wraps to fit the blog margins automatically and I don't have to do it manually?

Also, how do I do a blockquote without getting the 3 large dots new post? My attempt was by using the "blockquote" button in the composing window.

Adrian Hermann said...

Hey Oaktown Girl,

just try to use standard font and if you want to blockquote in the blogger online editor, just use the " symbol. I did that in editing your post and it should work fine.
Why you don't try to use the Windows Live Writer? It's really simple to blog with it. Send me a mail if you need more information/help on that one.

Root said...

Well we are certainly looking forward to seeing a lot of new folks in Habari.

Oaktown Girl said...

Adrian -
I tried to download the Windows Live Writer, but it said I needed to install the .NET Framework first. What is that?

I'll email you.

Root - hello!

JP Stormcrow said...

Windows Live Writer was developed in the .Net Framework (Microsoft development environmemt.) You need the runtime components to run it - but I would think they would be on your machine already if XP or later Windows 2000.

Though I think you need .Net version 2, so it may be you have earlier version.
Should be downloadable from here.

I can vouch for it being a very nice tool, used it for my post above. I know you are supposed to earn your chops at first by toggling in your code in via switches on the front of the machine. But to coin a phrase; Fuck that shit.

Thanks Adrian for pointing it out.
(And I too, am not always the biggest MS Software fan.)