Thursday, July 26, 2007

Berube Mayoral Campaign Kicks Off with Analogy Contest

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Because it's our last Friday in Fukuoka (for this year, that is) and we have it on good authority that "analogies are mostly the refuge of the simple-minded," I hereby announce that the Official Michael Berube Campaign for Mayor of Blogoramaville is leading off with an analogy contest. Just fill in the blanks on any or all of the following in comments!

1. Michael Berube:[x=Republican Presidential Candidate]::a:b
2. Michael Berube:[y=Possible Mayoral Competitor]::c:d
3. Michael Berube:[z=Possible Running Mate]::e:f
4. Michael Berube:g::h:i

And remember to keep it simple, stupid. No similes or metaphors allowed.


Anonymous said...

Just fill in the blanks
And remember to keep it simple, stupid

I don't see any blanks,

variables:blanks::replace::fill in

The Constructivist said...

I declare the contest closed. We have a winner!

(Just kidding. But well played, JP!)

JP Stormcrow said...

Good thinking on leaving those pretentious diacritical marks of his name, that should play better in Peoria - aka Middle Central Blogoramaville.


The Constructivist said...

Yeah, that way people know we're talking about the replicant Berube, not the "real" one. Although if the latter were to enter the race, I suppose I could ask someone to teach me how to put those accent marks in using a Japanese keyboard. Or remind me how to do it on an American one....

Anonymous said...

Or remind me how to do it on an American one

Slice and Glue, or Cut and Paste... something like that.

The Constructivist said...

JP, you got some competition!

Anonymous said...

Well, competition - I trust Blogoramaville, whatever mayor it gets, is laid out to be a complex and somewhat corrupt entity, with plenty of prestigious posts to fill any coffers there might be around.

And - as for the diacritical marks: if you're using Word, you can always go to Insert --> Symbol, and there pick out the correctly diacriticalized letter.

Anonymous said...

Or you just transcribe the name, phonetically -


or something like it.