Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This One's for Uncle Bill

Onechan's favorite video on teh youtubes lately is the one she calls the "funny Powerpuff cartoon." It's the one in Portuguese I added to my old post on the rainy season a few days ago when I realized the copyright hawks had blocked the English version. And it's the one she was clamoring for in the first comment on Uncle Bill's latest Sparkychan and Gojochan Adventure, Onechan's Choice. So after dinner tonight I was on my own with the girls and of course I showed them that video. (I needed a distraction from onechan's envy of imoto's new pull-ups--apparently, she wanted the "shippo" [tail] on the back, that plastic adhesive strip you can use to seal up the dirty diaper--and snipping the shippo off and sticking it to the back of onechan's undie wasn't doing the trick, especially when imoto was trying to rip it off!)

Afterwards I wanted to get them in the tub and get them to sleep before the tsuma returned home from reading manga at BookOff, but they were pretty revved up. So I had the brilliant idea of showing "Down'n'Dirty," one of my favorite episodes--in Portuguese, of course.

Little did I realize when I first clicked on the link that Gojira would not only make an appearance at the end, but also would be the only thing that convinced Buttercup she needed to finally take a bath--not getting kicked out of her home, school, or city for stinking up the joint, but not being allowed to do what she loves best, fighting monsters, did the trick. The voice actor for Gojira in this version isn't as god as the one in English--or the one from the rainy day cosuplay episode when Buttercup dresses up as Miss Bellum--but it was good enough for us this evening.

Even though onechan got a bit more scared during the episode than I expected, she totally got the point at the end and rushed to the tub. Of course imoto followed her. While in the tub we had a huge discussion about whether imoto should be Buttercup (because she can be rough, like Kuromi), onechan should be Bubbles (because she's sweet like My Melody and cries a lot), mama should be Blossom (because she's the commander and the leader, of course), and I should be the Professor (duh!)--or whether imoto should be Blossom (because she can be stubborn and bossy), onechan should be Bubbles (because she's the joy and the laughter), I should be Buttercup (because I am the toughest fighter, in the family, that is, at least when play fighting with the girls and their cousins [all under 5!]), and mama should be Miss Bellum (because she's so smart and pretty)--but eventually got around to getting soaped up, rinsed off, dried off, and in pajamas. That's when the trouble began.

Imoto is used to falling asleep next to the tsuma after (or while) breastfeeding and this would be something like the, oh, second night in her life it wasn't going to be that way. She was happy biting the bottle I gave her for awhile, but eventually she got bored with that and started looking around for mama. When she couldn't find her, she cried and cried. I wasn't sure what to do beyond letting her tire herself out, but then I remembered two things: 1) how she had giggled her head off right after the tsuma headed out when onechan did a cute little silly song and dance number for her, and 2) how much she likes it when I hold her and sing her a song I made up for onechan (to the tune of Frere Jacques):

Atsui, samui
Atsui, samui
Daijo bu
Daijo bu
Kawaeeko [onechan]
Kawaeeko [imoto]

It's a bath song, actually--first the water is too hot, then too cold, then ok. The second half is about how onechan and imoto are "cute and good girls" (kawaeeko combines kawaii and eeko) and "good girls." Onechan liked it when I threw in "Arigato [onechan]/Arigato [imoto]..." and other variations (although I never thought of "Kimochee" [feels good for "Daijo bu"--next time), but imoto kind of looked up at me like, "What are you doing, dad?" After a few such dirty looks, I kept to the canonical version. And after only about a hundred reps, both girls were out. Piece of cake! I could do this every night.


bill benzon said...

frankly, i think gojira was a little too picky there, or perhaps she was just looking for an excuse to go home and do some irony

The Constructivist said...

hee hee. u sd picky.