Wednesday, June 1, 2011

U.S. Women's Open Sectional Qualifying Results: 31 May 2011

Brent Kelley was able to find the results of yesterday's U.S. Women's Open sectional qualifying rounds in Texas. Still waiting on results from California. And from the USGA site. [Update (6/2/11): OK, the USGA site has been updated!]

Industry Hills (CA). Qualifiers: Jennifer Rosales (142), Stephanie Kono [a] (143), Erynne Lee [a] (144), Lizette Salas [a] (144). Alternates: Tiffany Lua [a] (147), Rachel Morris [a] (147). Notables Who Did Not Qyalify: Brandie Burton, Bo-Bae Park, Stephanie Na, Sydnee Michaels, Taylor Karle, Emily Tubert, Julie Yang, Inah Park, Leanne Bowditch, Shayna Miyajima, Amie Hartje.

Prestonwood (TX). Qualifiers: Sarah Kemp (138), Emily Collins (142), Chelsea Mocio (143). Alternates: Meredith Duncan (144), Adrienne McDonald (144) [both won in a 6-golfer playoff]. Notables Who Did Not Qualify: Taylor Leon, Jamie Hullett, Jennifer Gleason.

Pine Forest (TX). Qualifiers: Katy Harris (143), Lisa McCloskey [a] (144), Becky Morgan (145). Alternates: Diana D'Alessio (147), Julia Boland (148--beat Madison Pressel in a playoff). Notables Who Did Not Qualify: Jimin Jeong, Cathryn Bristow, Melissa Eaton-Jackson, Madison Pressel.

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