Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Congratulations to Paula Creamer, Jenny Shin, and Kim Kaufman!

Paula Creamer's incredible eagle putt to secure her 10th career LPGA victory may have overshadowed Kim Kaufman's 2nd win on the Symetra Tour and Jenny Shin's breaking the $1M barrier in career LPGA winnings last weekend, but I'm sure each player is just as excited about reaching her own latest career milestone.

Shin is one of the generation of Korean-born golfers who moved to the States at a young age and decided to bypass the KLPGA at the start of her professional career, while Kaufman is only the 20th-ranked member of the LPGA's Class of 2014, so their commitment and ability to exceed expectations deserve a lot of respect.  Of course, Creamer's determination, persistence, heart, ability to perform on a world stage, and past accomplishments put her at another level in her career than Shin and Kaufman, but not everyone can come out of the gates as fast as Creamer did when she turned pro in 2005.  Golf is a game of streaks, so let's see how long this trio can keep theirs rolling!


DaveAndrews said...

Jenny Shin won the Symetra event in Concord, New Hampshire back in 2010. I think she was 17 or 18. I think Kim Kaufman would have earned her LPGA card off the Symetra Tour last year if she had played a full season.

The Constructivist said...

I think of Jenny Shin in the same breath as Chella Choi and Haeji Kang--less-heralded Korean players who are working their way to the top of the LPGA, step by step. Were you able to attend the Concord event she won in 2010?

Kaufman just missed both the top 10 on the Symetra Tour and the top 20 in Q-School, so she's very close to breaking through. Let's see how well she can keep growing as a player this season!