Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And...They're Off!

With the LPGA on mainland China for the 1st time ever and the JLPGA holding its biggest tournament of the year, this is a bigger than usual week in women's golf.  I'm going to be posting on both the Reignwood LPGA Classic and the Japan Women's Open as I find the time, but I'm not going to hold back from revealing spoilers in my posts.  I'll try to keep my headlines as ambiguous as possible out of respect for those who are DVRing the early-morning Golf Channel coverage and might be visiting other golf sites while avoiding mine until they've gotten a chance to watch the LPGA action.  Oh, and I'll be super-busy at my union's delegate assembly on Friday and Saturday, so may be on a weirder than usual posting schedule.

All I'll say now is I can't wait to see how Ai Miyazato and Mika Miyazato do paired together at the JWO!

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