Thursday, October 24, 2013

Here's Hoping Lydia Ko's Going Pro Video Goes Viral

When I read that Lydia Ko confirmed her decision to go pro via twitter and youtube, I didn't rush out and check out the video.  From all her public appearances, she struck me as serious, reserved, mature, and slightly geeky in a more awkward than secretly cool way, so I didn't greet the news of her youtube foray with the same excitement that a new Tiffany Joh production inspires.

But eventually I found the time to watch the video.  And now I'm recommending you do the same.  Because Ko's genuinely funny in it.  Because it gives a clearer sense of her personality than any of her other public appearances.  Because the video itself is cleverly conceived and executed.  Just because.

Now that the HuffPo has plagiarized linked to Beth Ann Baldry's Golfweek article, and the AP and the networks and major cable channels have picked up the story, the odds of the video going viral have increased.  Let's see if all 50 of my regular readers--a mere fraction of Stephanie Wei's, I'm sure--can help improve the odds even further!

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