Thursday, October 17, 2013

Detroit 1, Constructivist Family 1

The Constructivist Family loves Detroit!

Sure, Detroit scored first against us when construction and a pair of accidents that slowed traffic to a crawl on the way to our hotel just north of the city added about a half hour to our road trip, but we did get to the Joe Louis Arena in time to catch the tail end of Daisuke Takahashi, Takahiko Kozuka, and Tatsuke Machida's practice session and then got to see the rest of the men (we were most excited about Jason Brown, Adam Rippon, and Max Aaron) and all the ice dancers (most notably, from our perspective, Davis and White, the Reeds, and the Shibutanis).  We got our pick of awesome seats and imoto and I got to explore almost every nook and cranny of the arena.  Plus, following her around actually helped loosen up my back!

Afterwards, we explored downtown via the Detroit People Mover, a cute little monorail that took us straight to a restaurant named after one of my favorite bands (not Tool, not Radiohead, think New Orleans-style food...).  I'm not naming them directly because although we loved the place and had a great meal, imoto got a burger with some mold on the bun.  This is where we scored against Detroit because the manager made imoto's meal and ice cream sundaes for the girls all free.  So you can see why we're looking forward to exploring more of downtown tomorrow.  There's a gap between the last of the practices tomorrow and the start of the competition at 7 pm, and the weather for my birthday looks like it'll be much better than today.  Maybe we'll do the River Walk, maybe we'll find another restaurant to check out.

We'll get our first look at the ladies and the pairs tomorrow afternoon and we'll see more of the men and dancers before them.  I'm curious to see whether and how their practices are different from today's, what with the start of the competition for them coming in the evening....

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