Friday, October 11, 2013

LPGA Q-School Stage II: Amy Anderson Medals, Melissa Reid Fails to Advance

Stage II of LPGA Q-School is over and Amy Anderson is your medallist.  She was the only player in the field to break par all 4 rounds, and only Jenny Suh was able to match her 3 rounds in the 60s.

Sure Things

IN:  Lee-Anne Pace (71-72-70-69, T6), Cheyenne Woods (73-70-73-76, T54), Yueer Cindy Feng (70-72-71-74, T20)
OUT:  Melissa Reid (73-78-75-77, T153)

To say I'm shocked at how badly Reid played this week would be a massive understatement.

Great Chances

IN:  Joanna Klatten (79-70-71-70, T37), Rebecca Artis (70-71-72-75, T28), Kristie Smith (72-71-75-73, T45). Lindy Duncan (73-72-68-71, T9), Natalie Sheary (78-72-69-73, T56)

OUT:  Lee Lopez (69-75-78-73, T91)

Good Bets

IN:  Isabelle Boineau (73-74-75-70, T56), Amy Anderson (70-66-68-68, 1st), Marta Silva (72-71-71-74, T28), Caroline Westrup (68-75-72-72, T20), Cathryn Bristow (71-68-77-71, T20)

OUT:  Samantha Richdale (73-73-75-78, T123), Jean Chua (71-75-74-81, T136)

Good Shots

IN:  Xiyu Lin (66-71-71-72, T3), Ginger Howard (75-74-72-73, T80), Stefanie Kenoyer (71-74-70-72, T20), Jean Reynolds (71-71-71-75, T28), Jenny Suh (68-68-73-69, 2nd), Carlie Yadloczky (72-75-71-67, T12), Kelly Shon (75-79-69-69, T56), Jaye Marie Green (75-73-70-69, T20), Brittany Altomare (69-74-72-70, T12)

OUT:  Candace Schepperle (77-73-73-78, T136), Madison Pressel (74-70-76-76, T97), Sally Watson (80-74-75-72, T134)

Decent Odds

IN:  Line Vedel (69-73-70-68, T3), Nannette Hill (74-73-73-72, T56), Stacey Keating (71-71-73-74, T33), Emma de Groot (70-69-78-71, T28), Mallory Blackwelder (72-70-72-76, T37), Laura Gonzalez Escallon (74-74-72-74, T80), Casey Grice (69-76-76-73, T80), Michelle Shin (78-69-70-74, T45), Pinrath Loomboonruang (73-73-74-74, T71), Babe Liu (70-70-80-74, T80), Erica Popson (74-70-70-70, T9), Paula Reto (73-71-71-73, T28), Demi Runas (72-73-73-69, T20), Tzu-Chi Lin (73-68-70-76, T20)

OUT:  Benedikte Grotvedt (75-71-74-76, T91), Mia Piccio (73-76-70-76, T91)Kirby Dreher (79-76-78-76, T177), Ki-Shui Liao (77-74-79-79, T177)Julie Yang (73-73-76-73, T91)


Taylor Collins (67-70-71-77, T12)
Dani Holmqvist (68-69-77-70, T9)
Maiya Tanaka (70-68-70-72, T3)
Kendra Little (71-71-72-68, T6)

Others who made it that I didn't know much about included Koreans Hye-Min Kim (71-70-72-69, T6) and Mi Rim Lee (72-76-65-72, T12), Kelly Tan from Malaysia, Indonesia's own Kishi Sinha, Maribel Lopez Porras from Colombia, Corie Hou from Australia, and Fiona Puyo from Paris (France) and Jennifer Kirby from Paris (Ontario).

Unfortunately, Taiwan's Scooby Liu was not one of them.  Neither was UAE's Rhea Nair, Kazakhstan's Jamilla Jaxaliyeva, Bolovia's Susy Benavides, and Japan's Noriko Inoue.  Better luck next time to them and everyone else who fell outside the top 80.  And good luck to everyone going on to the final stage in December.  Practice hard!

[Update 1 (10/12/13, 12:11 am):  Brent Kelley has a quick overview.]

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