Saturday, November 7, 2009

Futures Tour Q-School Friday: Yes!! T-Joh Medals!

The wind played havoc with scoring at the Lake Region course in the final round of Futures Tour Q-School--Ecuador's Kitty Hwang was the only player to break 70 among the 96 players who made the 72-hole cut and there were only 2 other under-par rounds on the day--but Tiffany Joh hung tough and walked away with a 1-shot victory over playing partner and former co-leader Danielle Mills. As Lisa Mickey reports, despite missing 4 of 5 greens down the stretch, Joh scrambled her way to victory, while Mills's putter let her down.

Here are the final results for the leaders and notables; I've *ed the players who will be competing in LPGA Q-School the 1st week of December:

[Note: B=Bridgewater, H=Huntington Hills, L=Lake Region, R=Ridgewood Lakes]

1st/-12 Tiffany Joh* (67L-69R-72B-67H-73L)
2nd/-11 Danielle Mills (67R-71B-69H-68L-74L)
3rd/-7 Laura Bavaird (71R-69B-71H-71L-71L)
T4/-5 Kitty Hwang* (70R-72B-71H-73L-69L), Mallory Blackwelder* (71R-74B-66H-70L-74L)
T6/-4 Jane Rah (74B-70H-71L-71R-70L), Jodi Ewart (69B-73H-73L-67R-74L)
8th/-3 Stephanie Connelly* (69L-70R-73B-71H-74L)
9th/-2 Laura Kueny (68R-70B-70H-73L-77L)
10th/-1 Nannette Hill* (72R-70B-72H-71L-74L)

11th/E Leanne Bowditch* (73B-67H-74L-74R-72L)
T15/+4 Rebecca Flood (69B-72H-70L-76R-77L)
T18/+5 Chelsea Curtis (68B-71H-70L-79R-77L)
T24/+6 Miriam Nagl* (76L-73R-70B-72H-75L)
T32/+8 Virada Nirapathpongporn* (73H-75L-77R-71B-72L), Lauren Doughtie* (71B-73H-69L-75R-80L)
T38/+9 Mariajo Uribe* (71H-76L-68R-78B-76L)
T78/+17 Michelle Yang (71H-68L-75R-82B-81L)

Very nice to see Oui, who's coming back from shoulder surgery, play as solid golf as anyone over her 2 final rounds, particularly on the tough Bridgewater track yesterday. Sarah Brown, an amateur from NJ, ended up at +4 overall (T15) in her tune-up for LPGA Q-School. Depending on who gets what status there, the Futures Tour will adjust its own membership/status lists accordingly. Good luck to all!

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