Monday, November 9, 2009

Sayonara, Aunt Sally

The funeral for my Aunt Sally is being held right now in Syracuse. Between work and H1N1, I'm not able to be there. No time to go all Speaker for the Dead on y'all, but you can be sure a lot of memories going through my head right now could make their way into stories to share in the coming months. For now, I'll just ask, what is it about golf and bridge that would attract a Polish immigrant who came to the States as a young girl in the WWI era, who was a career woman for most of her life, who had an independent streak a mile wide and never shied away from a good argument? And just how far back does this golf bug go in my family, anyway?

Sayonara, Aunt Sally. We'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

sorry about your aunt - she sounds like an interesting lady.

what's this about the swine flu that you can't attend the funeral ?

Patricia Hannigan said...

My condolences on the passing of your aunt... it sounds like you have an awesome family.

The Constructivist said...

Not that I'm afraid of infecting my extended family, just that I can't pack up sick kids and wife to go with me on a 3-hour drive--or leave them alone! Although, come to think of it, I should probably try to avoid infecting the extended family, too!