Monday, November 30, 2009

JLPGA Q-School Preview/Predictions

The Final Qualifying Tournament for JLPGA Q-School begins tomorrow in Shizuoka prefecture. You can track the history of the 1st 3 stages and follow the final stage's results on the JLPGA web site, or you can review my very cursory summaries of the 2nd and 3rd stages and check back here over the next few days for FQT results. The list of names entered in the tournament from the LPGA has shrunk in recent weeks, but those still in number among the favorites in this 72-hole event. Here are my predictions:

1. Seon Hwa Lee (9:48 am, front)
2. Amy Yang
3. Sun Ju Ahn (8:09 am, front)
4. Inbee Park (9:57 am, front)
5. Candie Kung (10:06 am, front)
6. Teresa Lu (8:54 am, front)
7. Young Kim (9:21 am, front)
8. Onnarin Sattayabanphot (9:21 am, front)
9. Na Ri Kim (8:18 am, back)
10. Kumiko Kaneda (9:39 am, front)
11. Ritsuko Ryu (9:39 am, back)
12. Jae Bae (8:18 am, front)
13. Yayoi Arasaki
14. Mika Takushima
15. Yuki Sakurai (8:09 am, back)
16. Sakurako Mori (9:57 am, back)
17. Bong Su Tseng (8:45 am, front)
18. Kaori Higo (10:06 am, front)
19. Michiko Hattori (10:15 am, front)
20. Eun Hye Lee (10:24 am, back)

[Update 1 (9:32 am): Still checking the field list to see if all the players I expected to be playing are in. At a quick glance, it appears there are a lot of no-shows. Will update later!]

[Update 1 (11:18 pm): I've updated the above with starting times/sides and struck any names I couldn't find on the 1st-round pairings sheet. Looks like Amy Yang is the only LPGA no-show, after all.]


Palladium said...

It's nice to see so many talented youngsters competing for golf's biggest circuit.
Way to go, girl!

Ping Karsten

Unknown said...

TC, how many Americans (if any) are in the field for this? Any DFT players trying their hand in Japan?

The Constructivist said...

Ryan, I'm in the office today and incredibly busy at work with a computer that doesn't have google toolbar on it, so I have to translate the field list name-by-name. Right now, I can't even confirm that LPGAers like Candie Kung, Seon Hwa Lee, Inbee Park, and Amy Yang will be playing tomorrow (of them, only Kung is American--a naturalized citizen). I did see Lu and the Kims (Young and Na Ri), along with Sakurako Mori from the JLPGA and players who did well in the 3rd stage like jae Bae and Bong Su Tseng. But I didn't see Sun Ju Ahn from the KLPGA, Onnarin Sattayanbanphot from the LPGA, or Ritsuko Ryu, Kumiko Kaneda, Yuki Sakurai, and the others JLPGAers on my list....

The quick answer to your question, then, is "at most 1 American, and no DFT players." My guess is most were unaware of or missed the relatively early deadlines for signing up for Q-School on the JLPGA.