Wednesday, November 4, 2009

JLPGA/Futures Tour Q-School Updates

The JLPGA and the Futures Tour are holding their Q-Schools this week. The latter is packing its competitors into foursomes on 4 courses in a 5-round extravaganza; Tiffany Joh and Danielle Mills were co-leaders after the 1st round. The former is playing 4 separate 54-hole qualifiers, 3 of which started yesterday. So let's check in on the most recent results from both tours.

On the FT, it's really starting to look like Tiffany Joh is back. With Bro-Joh accompanying T-Joh in a competitive round for the 1st time, she broke 70 for the 2nd straight time, this time on the Ridgewood Lakes course, and holds a 2-shot lead after 36 holes. Here are the leaders and notables:

[Note: B=Bridgewater, H=Huntington Hills, L=Lake Region, R=Ridgewood Lakes]

1st/-8 Tiffany Joh (67L-69R)
T2/-6 Amanda Costner (69L-69R), Laura Kueny (68R-70B), Danielle Mills (67R-71B)
T5/-5 Michelle Yang (71H-68L), Stephanie Connelly (69L-70R), Chelsea Curtis (68B-71L)
T8/-4 Leanne Bowditch (73B-67H), Laura Bavaird (71R-69B)
10th/-3 Rebecca Flood (69B-72H)

T11/-2 Nannette Hill (72R-70B)
T21/E Jane Rah (74B-70H), Lauren Doughtie (71B-73H)
T28/+1 Mallory Blackwelder (71R-74B)
T56/+3 Mariajo Uribe (71H-76L)
T68/+4 Cindy Miller (74H-74L), Virada Nirapathpongporn (73H-75L)
T86/+5 Miriam Nagl (76L-73R), Rebecca Kim (74H-75L)
T103/+6 Maiya Tanaka (73B-77H)
T118/+7 Woori Shin (75L-76R)
T173/+11 Kelly Nakashima (78B-77H), Mallory Hetzel (77B-78H)
T185/+12 Elena Kurokawa (77H-79L), Eri Miyake (77L-79R)
T210/+14 Kira Meixner (79H-79L), Mariko Makabe (76H-82L)
T222/+15 Jillian Fraccola (76L-83R)
T250/+19 Paula Pearson-Tucker (86B-77H)
T265/+23 Yukiko Ishizaka (86R-81B)

It's on to the Golf Club at Bridgewater for T-Joh in a few hours, with its big greens and many hazards. Should be a good test for her.

Still waiting on the JLPGA to update its Q-School results page. More on that soon!

[Update 1 (9:01 pm): Well, maybe not that soon. But Na Ri Kim shot a 73 in Gunma Prefecture, which puts her T20 heading into the 2nd round. I'm still failing to recognize any of the names in the Ibaraki qualifier, even after 2 rounds, but Korean Jae Bae leads at -7, so she may be for real. There's a C. Choi at +3 (T21) who might just be LPGA rookie Chella Choi, but I'm inclined to doubt it. Sun Ju Ahn's 68 gives her a commanding lead in the Kyoto qualifier. Yuki Sakurai's 72 puts her T13 at +4, but Mai Arai's 76 drops her to T19 at +6. In Hyogo, Onnarin Sattayabanphot's 74 dropped her to T6 at +1, while Ritsuko Ryu fell to T16 after a 75 brought her to +5 and Riko Higashio plummeted to T26 after a 76 brought her to +7. Some good players have their work cut out tomorrow.]

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