Tuesday, November 24, 2009

JLPGA Q-School 3rd Stage Tuesday: Kim and Ryu Lead the Name Players

Over in Tochigi prefecture, Young Kim shot a 70 to sit in 7th place in that 3rd-stage qualifier for 2010 membership on the JLPGA. Na Ri Kim wasn't so fortunate, as she opened with a 74 that put her T41. And Sakurako Mori is in even more trouble, as her 75 puts her at T58 with 2 rounds to go. But with 2nd-stage Ibaraki prefecture medalist Jae Bae opening with a 73 (T24), you know the scoring conditions were tough. Only 6 players ended up breaking 70 in Tochigi, with the low score being a 68.

Meanwhile, over in Mie prefecture, the low score was a 65, but only 5 other players broke 70 there, as well. Among the players I'm following, Ritsuko Ryu lead the way with a 71 (T11), while Onnarin Sattayabanphot (72, T22), Sun Ju Ahn (73, T29), Teresa Lu (74, T36), Yuki Sakurai (75, T50), and Mai Arai (80, T92) have more or less work cut out for them.

My guess is the top 46 or so from each site will go on to the Final Qualifying Tournament next week. It all depends on how many 2009 JLPGA members who didn't make the top 50 of the 2009 money list were allowed to skip the 3rd stage. If google translator is to be trusted, then only a few players will have been accorded this privilege. We'll know by Thursday morning!


LPGA Fan said...

What's the weather like at this time of the year in Japan?

The Constructivist said...

From the pictures I saw of the Korea event, I'd be guessing pretty cold and windy. On the other hand, when I lived in Fukuoka, I was wearing a sweater or light jacket most of the winter. Mie's in Kansai, which is a ways south of Tochigi in Kanto, but depending on where the event is in Mie, there could be ocean breezes to deal with (Tochigi is landlocked). Why the JLPGA doesn't go ahead and hold their 3rd and 4th stages of Q-School in southern Kyushu, the warmest part of Japan outside Okinawa (where the Kyoraku Cup wil be held next week), is beyond me!