Thursday, May 24, 2007

Profiles in Precociousness: Can Imoto Hit the Terrible Twos Before She Hits the 13th-Month Mark?

You tell me: imoto's been trying to climb out of her stroller (while moving) and high chair (while eating) for months now and persists in believing we're joking when we tell her "dame-yo! abunai!!!" That's nothing new. But lately she's started climbing on top of lounge chairs and the coffee table in our apartment and dancing on them (not even any alcohol involved). That's just one of many house rules she loves flouting: you'd think "don't touch that outlet!" "don't bite that power cord!" "don't open that sliding door and step out onto our 5th-floor porch!" "don't eat daddy's books!" were all just meaningless sequences of sounds to her, except for the smile on her face while you're saying them. We've been trying to cure her of her opai addiction, which has resulted in her getting up more often during the night to feed and more outraged when she doesn't get what she wants on demand. Late-night interventions are not working--her cry-ins are a quite effective protest tactic at 3 am. In fact, most every time she cries now is out of frustration rather than discomfort, pain, or hunger.

So if the terrible twos come early, they leave early, right? Onechan actually got through them early, but went back into them for the first few months after imoto was born. I guess this is an argument against Kid 3, eh?

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bill benzon said...

You go imoto! Hold your ground. Assert yourself. Dance at will! Boogie on down!