Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This One's for the WAAGNFNP and Planet Grenada

Consider this a sequel to my Nagasaki and global capitalism posts at WAAGNFNP, as well as a response to this post from Planet Grenada.

Here's a hip-hop showdown between King Giddra ("9-11")--

--and Mos Def/Immortal Technique ("Tell the Truth")--

--I vote for KG. What's your call?

Bonus question: Immortal Technique on a different 9/11 ("The Poverty of Philosophy")--

--or Mos Def on a different disaster ("Katrina Klap")--

? Well, it's Mos Def, of course, b/c of the Emperor Cheney/Darth Bush image midway through.


Anonymous said...

I'll go with MosDef/Immortal Technique - maybe because I don't understand Japanese and with the subtitles KG's stuff seems a little abstract and bloodless.
MD/IT express what I'd call "internationalism", ie, the solidarity of the oppressed.

The Constructivist said...

christian, I agree except don't see the need for the conspiracy theory chorus, which to my mind outweighs its otherwise better politics and video; not knowing much post-Public Enemy hip hop all that well, I'm curious to see who is thought to be the better rappers by those who know better than me. But of course I went for the Nagasaki connection in the KG video....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the conspiracy thing... it put me off, too, but I'm not so sure how to interpret it. I mean the text says something like "bin Laden didn't blow up the projects" first, so the "Bush knocked down the towers" might be interpreted to mean something more metaphorical? I don't know.