Monday, May 7, 2007


Does onechan have this much fun at her yoichen?

Courtesy of Japanprobe.

On a gender-bending tip, you be the judge:

Courtesy of Japanprobe.


The Constructivist said...

Those supa gaijin have watched a lot of Japanese kids' tv, I can tell you that. I'll ask if onechan's yochien will try to book them!

And imoto tried that thing from the second clip once on me. Only once.

Bill Benzon said...

So, I've been hanging out online with some evolutionary psych people. And they're very interested in determining just what human nature is -- and they're mighty upset with relativism and constructivism. Now, I don't find myself getting very exercised at the notion of a biological human nature. I figure there is something like that, but it seems rather boring.

I wonder what those EP types would make of that commercial. I mean, I can't imagine such a thing running in the US. It surely is an index of some kind of cultural difference. To be sure, it doesn't seem non-human and terminally inscrutible, but different, yes.

I wonder how that commercial would have played on "Seinfeld"? What would Kramer have nade of it?