Thursday, May 31, 2007

This One's for Michelle Wie

Some cute Japanese kids' tv to help you put your Ginn Tribute debacle behind you.

I'll let you figure out the symbolism of this one from Pantsu Pankuro:

This is a little dance from Inai Inai Ba that always cheers up my girls:

This hone hone waltz can help hone your game:

And don't forget to power up for your next tournament:

Special bonus clip: I've been waiting for this one to appear on teh youtubes for months!

Everybody has a bad day. Focus on your game and the rest will follow. But make sure you're ready to compete--physically, mentally, and emotionally--next time.

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The Constructivist said...

Turns out Michelle was in Japan for the opening of Spider-Man 3, so she may have seen all this already. Or maybe she dismissed it as kids' stuff. Whatever--it's still bound to cheer you up!