Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Mostly Harmless "Take Your Blog to the Course" Carnival Coming Next Week

With the Wegmans in Rochester happening this weekend--and my parents planning to attend Friday's round--it's time to return to some (limited) LPGA blogging. But I'm incredibly busy during my last 5 weeks in Fukuoka. So, as Dora would put it, "I need your help!"

Mostly Harmless's first Take Your Blog to the Course Carnival is coming between June 25th and July 1st--the week of the U.S. Women's Open. Just send me (at the[underscore]constructivist18[at]yahoo[dot]com) the link to any LPGA-related post(s) you care to write before and during their third major of the year. My aim is to raise the profile of the most competitive professional golf tour in the world and get new people interested in women's golf.

By "LPGA-related," I'm trying to cast as wide a net as possible--I want people who don't normally watch, much less blog about, women's golf to give the LPGA a chance during U.S. Open week. (Of course, regular golf bloggers are free to participate as well!) So if stats is your game, if gossip and buzz float your boat, if gender, globalization, or media matter to you, if you can't get enough of live blogging events great and small, if you're curious about Lorena or Annika or Michelle, or if you just want an excuse to make strange juxtapositions, this carnival is for you!

I'll collect all your posts in a daily-updated post of my own and each day choose my favorite. So warm up your keyboards and get ready for the U.S. Women's Open!

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