Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Collected Adventures of Sparkychan & Gojochan (Thus Far)

Well, here it is, the first book of The Collected Adventures of Sparkychan and Gojochan (Thus Far), by Uncle Bill Benzon.

July 9: For onechan [in response to this and that]
July 10: The discussion continues
July 11: Onechan's Adventure [in response to this]
July 12: Where's Onechan? and Calling Onechan! Calling Onechan!
July 14: Help is on the way and There They Are! Yippieeee! [in response to this]
July 17: Onechan's Choice
July 19: Calling all kidz! Calling all kidz! [in response to this]
July 23: Sigh
July 28: Catch you later alligator
August 1: Where's the bunny rabbit?
August 3: Onechan Tells a Story
August 11: The Little Worm from Kansas
August 14: Twas brillig
August 16: Sparkychan & Gojochan Adventure Time Mystery Theatre
November 20: i had a dream

Without giving away too much, our intrepid pair end up in Dunkirk! Literally. The girls are still celebrating. Sparkychan is getting rides on the girls' toy baby stroller while onechan cradles Gojochan in one arm until imoto says "itai" enough to prompt me to intervene and force onechan to give Gojochan back to imoto. For more updates, see the comments on the last post in Book I. A big "arigato gozaimasu" to Uncle Bill from onechan and imoto!


bill benzon said...

You know, Uncle Bill still has photos of Sparky and Gojo that he hasn't used in any stories. So there's always a chance for flashbacks even as the adventures continue under the direction of onechan and imoto. And given onechan's way with umbrellas and imotos way with bugs i think those adventures are likely to be, well, adventures.

The Constructivist said...

A photo I missed was during dinner last night. I had put Gojochan and Sparkychan in the girls' little chairs by their play desk and cleared its table. Onechan was worried they didn't have anything to eat, but I told her they were drinking tea.

Imoto's pretty clever. When onechan was taking a bath she grabbed Sparkychan and held on tight! Onechan, by the way, likes for me to carry her like Gojochan carries Sparkychan now.

Looking forward to writing some good stories about getting used to a new place. Glad to hear we'll be getting more flashbacks and other stories from Uncle Bill!