Tuesday, March 6, 2007

13 Views of a Neoconservative

Because the world needs to know what Wallace Stevens has to do with new Condi Rice deputy Eliot Cohen, what blackbirds have to do with neoconservatism, what poetry has to do with politics, what link dumps have to do with laziness, and so on.

"the only moving thing": Glenn Kessler, WaPo
"of three minds": George Buddy, Buddy's Bemusings
"a small part of the pantomime": Steven Clemons, The Washington Note
"are one": Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire
"which to prefer": Google Scholar: Eliot Cohen
"an indecipherable cause": Carol Gee, south by southwest
"the women about you": Grand Moff Texan, Moment of Triumph
"the blackbird is involved": Glenn Greenwald, Salon
"one of many circles": Follower of Basho, Iraq War News & History
"bawds of euphony": Jim Lobe, Asia Times
"a fear pierced him": Confidential Reporter, China Confidential
"must be flying": MWAW, Media Workers Against the War
"evening all afternoon": BooMan, Booman Tribune

You may now return to your regularly scheduled searches on Libby trial verdicts, CPAC embarrassments, global financial meltdowns, U.S. attorney purges, military hospital privatizations, and such like doings. Thank you.

[Update 3/9/07: Wondering what people think of The Smart Power Blog's recommendation of Cohen's book. Is there a site anywhere advocating "Responsible Power"?]

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