Saturday, March 24, 2007

Quick Answers to Easy Questions

Will Tiger's final-round collapse last week and Lorena's two years ago this week affect them as they try to defend 4-shot leads Sunday at Doral and at Superstition Mountain? No. They'll win going away.

Will Alberto Gonzalez still be Attorney General of the U.S. in May? No. President Bush just reaffirmed his support for him. Get ready for the Rumsfeld treatment.

[Update 6/6/07: WTF! How does Gonzalez still have his job?!]


peter ramus said...

Will Alberto Gonzalez still be Attorney General of the U.S. in May?

The AG's Galbraith Score, allowing for the perilous Vote of Confidence Multiplier, [GS*VCM→Spend Time With Family Event Horizon (FEH)] do bode ill for the lad, don't it?

Anonymous said...

But while Ochoa and Woods get million dollar paychecks, Gonzo will at best receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Afterall, isn't that what Rove insists happens to those who pull too hard on his, and Cheney's, marionette strings as they control the puppet??

The Constructivist said...

Hey, whatever it takes to get him out of the job, right? no? I agree, but the problem for Bush is that if he let's one of his tools take the fall, he and Cheney and Rove are implicated as well, even if they don't snitch.

I wonder if some Republicans will begin calling for the resignation or impeachment of Cheney just to throw a monkey wrench in Hillary's run for the White House: Bush could effectively appoint a successor in that case who would have the power of incumbency (not that it helped Gore all that much and it might actually hurt the Republican appointed).

Perhaps a better plan for the Republicans is to impeach Bush, then Cheney, putting Pelosi in the Presidency and leading to an all-new dynamic in the 2008 campaign for the Democrats.

You heard it here first.