Saturday, March 24, 2007

Announcing TolkienWatch

Here at Mostly Harmless I've boldly staked out pop culture blogging claims to Star Wars, Disney, Japanese kids' tv, Pretty Cure, the LPGA, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, SMAP, Adult Swim, Beavis and Butthead, and Dick Cheney (not necessarily in that order). I now want to follow up on JP Stormcrow's tribute to Lord of the Rings by kindly asking you all to point your browsers to new blog Hug the Shoggoth and marvel at the use of Tolkien to advance the argument. Now that's blogging! Feel free to recommend other quality Tolkieniana out there in comments.

Gotta go check and see if Moira, Meaghan, and Se Ri are going to miss the cut at the Safeway International by one freaking shot (it would be the second year in a row this happened to Moira)--and if Lorena is going to use the last four holes to pull away from the field or not. Love those weather delays--second round should end just in time for bedtime....

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