Thursday, March 22, 2007

Link Love: Returning Favors

Berube premieres at Crooked Timber--oh, the frivolity!

spyder premieres at WAAGNFNP--oh, the personal hygiene!

PZ Myers enters a new contestant in the Blogocalypse Sweepstakes Carnival at Pharyngula--oh, those misreaders of Mayans!

Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon and Bitch Ph.D. at, well, Bitch Ph.D. show why Texas is the most progressive state in the Union--oh, for the days when $500 went an entire pregnancy!

Another weather delay at the LPGA's latest means about a quarter of the field isn't likely to finish today. Scores are high. With the low score for the day only a 68 and only 4 of the 19 players under par thus far safely in the clubhouse, anyone who can keep it within a couple of shots of par today has a chance to win. (In a four-round tournament this early in the year, you can expect one bad round from just about everyone in the field.)

Funny line of the day, courtesy of onechan's yochien, from a newsletter segment on what to tell your kids when you're pregnant.

KID: Why is your belly bigger, mama?
MAMA: Because there's a baby inside.
KID: You ate a baby?!


The Constructivist said...

Sadly, No! has entered the Carnival.

The Constructivist said...

Hug the Shoggoth is in, too.

Anonymous said...

i am such a messy eater...

I must go on record as being pro-anti child... or is that a child anti-pro??? mmmmm... Well i have five kids and eight grandchildren, so i am not at all sure how i feel about kids these days.