Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nice Day

The first day of spring is a national holiday here in Japan, so the tsuma, onechan, imoto, and I took the day off. Which meant that in between playing the bad monster in the various Pretty Cure fight scenarios onechan cooked up, trying to teach her baseball and golf when I couldn't take the role-playing (non-cosuplay so far!) any more, making sure imoto didn't kill herself during her increasingly-bold forays into akachan-sized crannies of the apartment, and fighting with the tsuma over computer access (on which more in a second), I was able to check in on the WAAGNFNP site every so often and nag Oaktown Girl, spyder, and christian h about it over email--and see that the bread crumbs I left heralding its advent at, among other places, Bitch Ph.D., Pandagon, Crooked Timber, and Pharyngula produced the best day in Mostly Harmless history, visit-wise (I'd say "take that, Claire," but she would sneer patiently smile and softly sigh at our only breaking the 100-visit line and then 150-visit line for the first time today). Apparently there's an audience for what we're about to start doing at the WAAGNFNP come closing time on the West Coast...nice to know!

What I also found out over the course of the day is that the tsuma had (ok, has) a huge crush on one of the heroes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes (which, from the brief conversations we had during the day while new YouTube pages were loading and the longer talk we just had after she maxed herself out this evening while the kids were asleep and I was reading paper, sounds to me like the most important sf anime tv series ever) that rivals her SMAP guy crush. Which lead to an interest in the show so intense that she [REDACTED]. (Great story, eh? Sorry, I answer to an even higher authority than the WAAGNFNP's MOJ.) Anyway, she had a great time today in AnimeLand, which is just as good a place to celebrate the coming of spring as any. And I have another incentive to learn Japanese! (BTW, we did go out for dinner to a Korean BBQ place and just missed experiencing the high temps in the low 60s, so we weren't total otaku, ok?)

So, thanks, everyone, for being interested enough in the WAAGNFNP to get to it for today through Mostly Harmless. Y'all come back again real soon, hear?


Claire said...

Try not to compare your blog to mine. Every blog takes its own winding path to superstardom.

The Constructivist said...

Ah, but now I have to compare my post's demonic projection of you with your comment's saintly reality. (You didn't even go where I thought you were headed after your first line.) I will be heading to your blog regularly for more words of wisdom and encouragement. And if your inner sea otter feels like blogocalypsing or WAAGNFNPing, let me know!

Anonymous said...

We otter be thankful that you have been so adept at encouraging some interest in WAAGNFNP. Arigato gozaimasu.