Saturday, March 10, 2007

Odds and Ends

Because this is the Official Star Wars Blog of the WAAGNFNP: via Think Progress, John McCain is no Luke Skywalker (you think? Amanda at Pandagon IDs him as a Cheney wannabe); via boing boing, a link to Abba the Hut; and via a commenter to the last link, Jabba: The Musical.

Onechan is getting smarter: she loves her Pretty Cure bandaids we bought in a moment of weakness, so was overjoyed to scrape her finger a couple of days ago and finally have the opportunity to actually use them. I only change them when they get wet and explained why to her several times the day it happened. Yesterday she was complaining I had put one on too tight, and after a while I told her there's no way I'm replacing it until after her bath that night. So she thinks for a second and makes a dash for the bathroom. Upon her return, she tells me, "I washed my hands." Bandaid gets changed. She is 3. I am doomed.

Imoto has my proportions: she's ten months old, fits into 6-month-old pants and an 18-month-old top. Somehow the doctor telling my tsuma not to worry about her short legs was not that reassuring. Especially when she assumed that the foreigner she is married to must be tall, which I most certainly am not.

Anyone know how to take a screen shot? The link in my last post to the LPGA leaderboard is dynamic, which is not that big a deal, since by the end of the tournament it'll give you the option of looking back at the day 1 leaderboard (or if it doesn't you can still see that Dunn shot a 69 in the first round for yourself), but I would like to know how to do this for other reasons.

BTW, play has been suspended again in the LPGA Mexico event, for the second day in a row. Morning scores had been either very high or very low. Last year's Rookie of the Year Seon Hwa Lee birdied her last four holes in her first round and a couple more in her second to reach -5 through 31 holes--she must be disappointed at the stoppage, along with Angela Stanford, Meena Lee, Meaghan Francella (the current leader at -8), and a few others who were tearing up the course, while the ones who played badly enough to guarantee their missing the cut must be thinking of withdrawing. None of the leaders who played in the morning yesterday got to start their second rounds yet--I think the ideal situation for them would be the delay lasting just long enough to cool the jets of those who have been catching up with or passing them but short enough that they get in 7-12 holes today. That way if they're off today the damage they do to their cause can be fixed with a good long day tomorrow, and if they're on it probably means they're going to be on for the entire event. Worst case scenario is only getting a few holes in: with the altitude and the course being crowded early because the cut line wouldn't have been established, trying to get in more than 30 holes tomorrow would be exhausting. Better for them not to play at all today, which would guarantee the tournament going over to Monday (I hope the LPGA refuses to have weather-shortened events this year).

I'm rethinking my position on Pretty Cure 5: I've seen a few of the new episodes of Pretty Cure 5 with English subtitles on the YouTube, and it's growing on me. The bad guys hate dreams and friendship and are all corporate, while the dialogue among the friends who eventually become PC is less sappy and saccharine than I anticipated. Plus the ending song isn't bad. Making the first of the cute fluffy refugees from the other world destroyed by the bad guys able to transform into a cute guy who becomes a teacher at the girls' school, and on whom one of the characters seems to have a crush is teh weak, though, as is the opening song. And when are they going to have a Cure Yada, who pontificates about the power of a young girl's defiance as she does her thankfully brief and relatively tasteful henshin (transformation)? (So far it's been all sentimental, though strangely moving to me, stuff like "the power of a young girl's dreams.") She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Mentioned-on-Blogs and I still agree that moving from 2 or 3 to 5 main characters is going to weaken the characterization and relationships and keep the family subplots that made Max Heart and Splash Star so charming to us out of the show. If the girls get up early enough, we'll watch some more on teh YouTubes before the new show airs this morning. This is what I'm reduced to without Adult Swim.


Anonymous said...

Screenshot of your computer screen? Find the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard (on mine it's the Function key + F8). Press that and although it appears nothing happens, an image of your screen is copied into your Clipboard. Open an image editor like Photoshop or even MS Paint, open a blank image, and press Ctrl-V to paste.

Screenshot of a TV screen? Can't help you.

The Constructivist said...

Maybe you need TiVo for that or something. Not that we ever could afford it.