Monday, March 26, 2007

"D'oh!" Factor

Reading this post by Sifu Tweety on yet another of Greg Easterbrook's insistently ignorant science articles, this one published in a recent issue of Wired, I found myself wincing.

Our daughter's been with this fine young man for years now, and my wife asked her just before Christmas what kind of present he'd like, and then told me to hurry up online and order a subscription to Wired for him. Now, this young man is a natural born hipster from my way of thinking, and it surprised me he'd want something so, well, mainstream compared to what I've gathered of his taste in stuff over the years — Wired the Saturday Evening Post of the tech crowd, nn? Maybe I'd been misreading him all this time. Still, as is so often the case, I did what my wife asked, and she reported back to our daughter.

"Wired? …Wired!!!? No, no, noooooooo! Not Wired!! Wire!"

Yet another stubbed toe memorializing our inexorable progress into the Valley of the Geezers.


Oaktown Girl said...

Well, since All Your YouTubes are Belong to Viacom, I can't get you a YouTube of it. But here's the transcript for the funny SNL gameshow parody about who's the most crotchety old man: Who's More Grizzled?"

peter ramus said...

Get offa my lawn, young lady.

Anonymous said...

Am a grizzled reader of Wired from time-to-time. No hipsterness here, it does have an annoying "My gadget is gadgetier than your gadget" flavor, but now and again has some thoughtful stuff. Needless to say, Mr. Easterass's contributions are not in that category.