Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Full-Length WAAGNFNP Post Serious and Thoughtful--Who Would Have Guessed?

Check out Dr. Free Ride's take on science and belief at the earliest opportunity. It will go down in history as the first full-length WAAGNFNP post.

The children--they are rejoicing!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it counts as a full-length post by the Chairman-for-Life's standards, but for a mere WAAGNFNP footsoldier, it will do.

The Constructivist said...

You're just getting warmed up.

BTW, love your Chemistry Road to the Final Four series. Reminds me of how much stupider I've become since I took AP Chemistry in high school. I got to write a sci fi short story for my final because I researched the setting (a moon of somewhere or other with interesting geochemistry of some sort)--on a TRS-80! Whee!

Oaktown Girl said...

TC - the title of your post here made me laugh out loud! And thanks for making the announcement.

I kept sayin' and sayin' and sayin' that we weren't going to be a one-joke show, but doubters surrounded us on all sides. DFR sure put the smackdown on them, and I love it! We couldn't have asked for more on our opening day.

Say - is that YouTube clip from a show your little girl watches in Japan?

The Constructivist said...

One of the many--it's called Okaasan to Isho and it's in the middle among our faves. Now that she has a break from yochien until the second week of April, we'll get to reacquaint ourselves with it--they do a lot of Broadway-influenced song-and-dance numbers that are actually quite catchy.

Unfortunately NHK must have been asking YouTube to dump a lot of their kids' show links in the past couple of weeks, or I'd have some really good stuff to show you all.