Saturday, March 17, 2007

Postmodern Americana

Rocky & Bullwinkle. The Muppet Show. The Simpsons. Hip hop.

If you ever need to explain pomo to a friend, or exemplify it in a classroom, you could do worse than show a "Fractured Fairy Tale," play a clip from "Homer Bad Man" (you know, the Gummi Venus de Milo episode), or explain sampling. Feel free to elaborate in comments--imoto is up and in danger of waking up onechan! Time to entertain a ten-month-old!

[Update: Now that Pretty Cure 5 is over, I had time to check out Chris Clarke's DisneyWatch. I suggest you do, too, after checking out the latest Berube manifestation.]

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Anonymous said...

At least with Rocky and Bulwinkle you get Peabody and Sherman, thus the wayback machine, and the capability to explore the past of the future in the present--now ain't that pomo?

But my favorite pomo references might be: David Bonanis THE SECRET HOUSE (also the other books in the series); Daniel Harris Cute Quaint, Hungry and Romantic; and Tom Vanderbilt the SNEAKER book. We are one really weird species.