Thursday, March 22, 2007

First Steps!

Imoto took her first steps today--four of 'em, in the middle of onechan's yochien's last-day-of-school party. Bittersweet day for everyone else, as two of the favorite teachers in the place aren't coming back for the new school year in April. Lots of food, lots of tears, lots of playing. I got to take my "bad monster" act to onechan's friends and it turns out they all do excellent Pretty Cure and Dragonball Z moves. Running around barefoot with a bunch of 3-to-5-year-olds in 60-degree-plus weather makes two nice days in a row. (Oh, and we broke the century mark in visits again. No doubt thanks to Claire's encouragement!) Trying to send some good vibes to my friend Moira as she takes to the tee against just about everyone in the top 50 in the LPGA this week. Got to go now--the tsuma wants to get to her blog (sorry, it's in Japanese) and is accusing me of sounding like Doogie Whoever (somebody help us out here!), MD, in this post. Now she's telling me how old I am for not watching it. Fun!

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