Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Where Can You Find the Buffy on the Intertubes?

The Kugelmass Episodes (picking up where he left off a while back) and Wax Banks (he continues the next few days, too). Just in case Shannon M needs a break from her real life or wants to introduce her teen ward to the wonders of Buffy.

Disclaimer: it may or may not be true that Shannon M and I were part of the same Buffy "reading" group at some point in the last decade.

Factoid: and that she goes by Shannon Q elsewhere. Who knows how many letters of the alphabet she has annexed without anyone noticing?

This message has been approved by the Committee to Enlist Shannon M and Sloucho to Take a Break from Working for a Living and Cajole peter ramus into Getting a New Computer.

[Update 3/19/07: For doctoral level Buffistas only.]


Bill Benzon said...

I used to hang out with these folks when they were a discussion thread at Salon's Table Talk:

Didn't say much, mostly listened-in on their conversations. Some of them would post during the current Buffy episode. Wait for a commercial and then slip in a phrase or two.

It would be interesting, for example, to trace the migration of "kissage" from it's use in whatever Buffy episode first used the word to its use in the online Buffyverse. And so on.

The Constructivist said...

Our group was strictly f2f. Although I suspect others were tuning in to various Buffywebs on their own time. Maybe I was the only one not doing it!

Bill Benzon said...

Of course, these Buffistas had F2F's, though I never participated. One thing that imipressed me about The Phoenix folks is that they decided to stick together when Table Talk went pay-to-post. I don't know how they finance their website, but the fact that the group has persisted is interesting.

I continue to follow a group from the TT diaspora, though it set up camp in another all-but-free web location.

peter ramus said...

Ordered, not yet shipped.

Your cajole powers are great indeed, Oh Mostly Harmless leader.

The Constructivist said...

Great news, peter! If you (or anyone else) want(s) a fun and illuminating time suck on the new machine (their current one), check out Wax Banks jousting with Buffistas over at Whedonesque.