Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Better Go Find a Diabetic to Shake Down

I couldn't find a single version of the opening to Miffy in Japanese, so I'm forced to play my trump card in response to the Benzon kawaii offensive: Onegai My Melody!

Special bonus: click on the uploader's name for all the episodes--cuteness speaks an international language (although in this case it's Japanese). If any of you have seen FLCL, I think its weirdness was inspired by "My Melo"'s....

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Bill Benzon said...

Here's the opening to Cardcaptor Sakura. There's not rabbit-ears cutness, but you do get a glimpse of plush toy Kerochan, who looks double cute in his spot at episode end where he's at his ease in an overstuffed chair, smoking a pipe, and commenting on the finer points of Sakura's battle costume for the episode.

It goes on and on for 70+ episodes, of which I've watched 40+. By then it had started going down hill.