Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Personal Note

Netflix is just fine, it's wonderful to have access to almost any film or T.V. series an eye could possibly want to see, and I'm close enough to the local distribution center that the turnaround time involved in sending back and receiving DVD's is practically next-day.

Still, …is it something about me, or is it something about the algorithm Netflix uses to make suggestions about what I might like to watch that offers me Ricky Gervais's latest T.V. series?

Extras: Season 1 (2-Disc Series)

Because you enjoyed:


The Battle of Algiers

City of God

True, I come from a family noted for breaking out into guffaws at the most inappropriate moments. But let the record show I remained relatively somber during those last two movies. Honest.


Anonymous said...

wait, what?? you were laughing during Rashomon? Okay maybe that whole bit at the end, and the black inky rain thang...

peter ramus said...

Yeah, people eager to explain/justify what they did and what happened to them because of it is always good for a snort or two, from my way of thinking, spyder.

(…you should hear me cackling over Beckett)

The Constructivist said...

does this mean your new computer came in? and did you hear that you'll be able to download or stream movies (or something involving watching them on your computer) from Netflix in June?

peter ramus said...

Yes, honorable bloghost, the new computer is here. I'm in the process of trying to learn how to operate the new operating system/forget how to operate the old operating system, even as I type this.

As for streaming Netflix movies, I'm not really convinced I want to watch movies sitting here in the garage, when my wife still allows me in the house to watch them with her on an actual television so often.

The Constructivist said...

Ah, the old external office trick! Kind of like an external hard drve but colder with less space.